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The YouTube Symphony Orchestra as a Virtual Team – an insider’s view

I confess to owning two blogs.  One is my work blog, and the other, this, a more whimsical personal blog.   As sometimes happen, there is a blog item that falls between two stools.  Here I blog about virtual teams (and of course, Nasrudin), and there I blog about sales channels – sometimes known as routes to market – how products and services reach end customers.  What is the connection between virtual teams and sales channels?   A channel ecosystem is a large virtual team, with a vendor at the heart of it, trying to motivate, cajole, coral, train and support third party companies to do their bidding and add value.  Plus I have this YouTube Symphony thing whirling in the background.  So this time, a blog on virtual teams, sales channels and the YouTube Symphony as an example of a large virtual team went to my work blog.


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Having just attended a Wealth Dynamics weekend run by Roger Hamilton, one is tempted to gush forth, claiming epiphany.  My hands are restrained, though I have started to put into practice many of the thoughts that resulted.  Many of those ideas are on synchrony and even synchronicity – a term coined by Jung.  And it has opened up an insight into how business teams could act, given the right tools and conditions.

If one thinks about sport teams that perform one level beyond what they thought they could, or groups of musicians who experience being in the groove, they all experience that new dimensional level at the same time.  They are focused on a single goal, though each member may have different profiles or contributions. They open themselves up to that common goal, leaving aside their own concerns.  They listen as one, they act as one, coordinated like a ballet – and they perform the spectacular.  But they all have to be working towards the goal at the same time.  Literally at the same time.  Synchrony is a requirement for the spectacular. 

Much activity in business these days is asynchronous -it either has to be due to time zone differences – or it just is because of an over reliance on email, blogs, wikis etc.  That asynchronicity must have a negative effect on productivity. Though there are more oarsmen, we’re not all pulling at the same speed. We’re not acting as one.  That is why real time tools are so important to bringing back cohesion to members flung far and wide.

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