Jim Moffat

 Jim Moffat at home office

Managing director of Smith Ivanson Ltd. a sales channels consultancy.

Profile on ecademy and LinkedIn


One response to “Jim Moffat

  1. Jim — greetings from a former Lotus guy. I just poked around my blog and saw your comment — thanks. Great to hear from you — it appears all is well for you these days. Send me an email and I’ll link over to you gladly. I’ll be over in EMEA in the next couple of weeks (UK — Slough) it would be great to catch up!.

    BTW I like elastictime… it reminds me of the one expression a CEO I once worked for had that was in fact clever. When asked how he got as much done in a day as he did, he said “I’ve learned to sleep faster.” Now that’s elastictime.


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