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“At the Battle of Baghwaharam, my mount was killed and my right arm was cut off,” boasted the knight.  With my left arm, I fought my foes till none were left standing.  “That’s nothing!” exclaimed the second warrior.  “In the second Battle of Baghwaharam, a fierce enemy buried his axe into my skull and gouged out my eye, but I continued to fight and brought home his head as a trophy.” 

“Pish posh!” said Nasrudin, who had grown weary of their boasting.  “In the third Battle of Baghwahram, a mighty warrior as tall as three houses one on top of each other, drew his sword, easily the length of three of yours.  The fierce giant, in a single lightening swipe, lopped off my head.  My prowess as a fighter is such that I called to my sightless body, to place my head back on  my shoulders, which it then did,  whereupon I continued to fight as though nothing had happened.”


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