The magic bag

The marketer at CeBit from twenty paces away spotted that Nasrudin had money to spend. As the Mullah approached the booth, the marketer said to him, “You look like a discerning gentleman. Would you like this magic nosebag?” “What does it do?”  “Watch,” and from the bag, the marketer first drew out an iPhone, then a Wii, and finally a sat nav.   Nasrudin immediately forked over cash.  “Just one little thing,” said the marketer. “These bags are rather sensitive, so don’t annoy it.  Don’t let on to others too much about it and all will be well.”

Tired and hungry from walking around the huge exhibition, Nasrudin headed to the train station with the bag.  On the train he said, “Magic bag, give me a fresh warm giant pretzel.” He put his hand in the bag. It was empty.  “Perhaps it only gives out portable electronic devices because it is sensitive,” he thought to himself.  “Magic bag, give me a Bose SoundDock.”  Nada.  “Please don’t be annoyed with me, I just don’t understand you,” he said. Then Nasrudin remembered that when his donkey was annoyed, he bought it a new nosebag, so when he got home, he saddled his donkey, rode to his local dealer and bought a donkey for his new nosebag.  “Nasrudin what you doing with two donkeys?” shouted an acquaintance.   “You don’t understand, my friend,” replied the Mullah. “It is not two donkeys.  It is one donkey and his nosebag and one nosebag and his donkey.”


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