The coat

An old friend stopped by to visit Nasrudin. “Ahmad, I haven’t seen you in ages, my friend!” exclaimed the delighted Nasrudin. “But I am just about to go out on my rounds.  Come with me so we can talk.” “But I am hardly dressed for the occasion and it is cold outside,” replied Ahmad.  “Lend me one of your fine coats and I will walk with you.”  So Nasrudin lent his friend his most exquisite coat.
At the first house they called upon, Nasrudin introduced his companion.  “This is my old friend, Ahmad!  And the beautiful coat he is wearing, that is mine!” 
En route to the next village Ahmad said, “That wasn’t a very smart thing to say – “the beautiful coat he is wearing, that is mine. ”  Please don’t say it again!”
At the next house the Mullah explained, “This is my old friend, Ahmad, who has come to visit me, and the beautiful coat – the coat is his!”
When they left, Ahmad, said, “Why on earth did you say that?  Are you nuts?”
“I only wanted to even the score,” replied the Mullah.
“If it is all the same with you,” said Ahmad, “Let’s not mention the coat again, OK?”  And Nasrudin promised he wouldn’t.
At the third and last house, Nasrudin said, “May I introduce Ahmad, my old friend.  And the coat, the coat he is wearing… but we mustn’t mention the coat, must we?


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