Damned if you do..

As Nasrudin was travelling into town, leading his donkey on which his son was mounted,  a young man jeered them both.  “See the old man, letting the boy ride as he hobbles along beside.”  Nasrudin stopped, and exchanged places with the boy.  A little further along, an old women shouted at Nasrudin, shaking her fist, “You should be ashamed, making the little boy walk while you ride!”  Nasrudin stopped again and they both got on.  “That poor animal with two on his back is collapsing from the weight,” exclaimed another passerby a short distance later.  This time they both got off. After a short while, someone else mocked, “Nasrudin, are you taking your pet for a walk?”

Nasrudin had had enough.  He dropped his rains and slapped the donkey on the rear.  “Go and find someone who knows what can be done with you!” he cried, whereupon he hoisted the boy onto his shoulders and walked.


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