A stamp of authority

With the downturn in the economy, there was a great deal of disquiet throughout the country.  To reassure his people, the King sent a delegation of learned men into the villages who mollified many of the citizens with their pedigreed expertise and sage advice.   In each village, people assembled and asked this Royal committee questions.    When they arrived at Nasrudin’s village, they did the same.  Arriving late, Nasrudin, being a key local dignitary, was pushed by his fellow citizens to the front.  “What are you men doing here?” demanded the Mullah.  “We are the Royal committee. We provide the answers to the questions that people cannot answer for themselves.  And who are you?” responded one of the visitors.    “You will need me up there with you,” replied Nasrudin as he joined the wise gaggle.  “My job is to answer the questions you cannot and I propose  we start with those questions you gentlemen don’t know the answer to.”


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