We hadn’t thought about that

“If someone doesn’t do something entertaining, I will hang everyone in the court!” ranted the tyrant.
“Your excellency, do not hang me. I will do something,” said the Mullah Nasrudin.
“What can you do?”
“I can teach a donkey to read and write!” replied the Mullah.
“You had better do it or I will have you whipped until you can no longer beg for mercy, then you will hang!”
“Indeed I can teach a donkey to read and write, but donkey’s are slow learners.” said Nasrudin. “It will take me ten years.”
“OK, you have ten years,” responded the King.
At the end of the day, the courtiers gathered round Nasrudin, inquiring whether he could actually teach a donkey to read and write.
“Of course not!” said Nasrudin.
“Then you have only brought upon yourself a decade of  fretting, for you will surely hang,” said the wisest of the courtiers. “Who would prefer ten years of such anxiety to a quick death at the hand of the hangman?”
“You have forgotten one little detail,” said Nasrudin. ” The King is seventy-five and I am eighty.  Long before the decade is over, other events will have come to pass.”


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