The Family Inheritance

Nasrudin was in his garden planting an apple tree when his wife yelled for him rush in.  It was his mortage lender on the phone.  When he reached the phone, he apologized to the caller, explaining why he was a little winded.  “I am very happy that you are planting an orchard,” said the caller.  “Your trees will bear fruit which you can sell to help pay off your mortage which is in arrears.”

“Planting fruit trees is my family tradition,” replied Nasrudin.  “When my great grandfather got to be my age, he too planted an apple tree and told my grandfather to harvest the crop after he died.  When the apples were ready to send to the market, my father picked and sold them.  That money was used to repay my great grandfather’s debts.  So you see, I am now planting apple trees so my unborn son can care for these trees and tell his son to pay my mortgage.”


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