Love the Leaks

Nasrudin, earlier in his career, was invited into the governor’s inner sanctum and given an important government department to run.

There were many highly intelligent, eager, hard working civil servants in his department, some of whom prepared for him the most wonderfully crafted briefings, whitepapers and analyses.  Some of that material made for uncomfortable reading, like the time Nasrudin’s department had revealed to him that the government had employed illegal immigrants and was thus breaking its own laws.  Those details found their way to the public.

This wasn’t an isolated case. There were other very embarrassing leaks. The practice of information that could discredit the government passing to enemy politicans by civil servants had been going on for as long as anyone could recall. In fact, the governor had built his early career on embarrassing his enemies with leaks he had received.

Try as he might, Nasrudin could not stop information that could discredit him and his colleagues from passing into the wrong hands.  Nasrudin’s top civil servant called in the overly zealous palace guards to investigate, but they only ended up upsetting everyone.

Finally, Nasrudin went to the King, who had seen many department heads and almost a dozen governors come and go.  They sat together in silence and finally the King looked at Nasrudin and said, “I would suggest that you learn to love the leaks.”


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