Nasrudin had risen through the ranks of the favoured and was elected to a position of grand authority and pomp.  After 8 highly ineffectual years as Speaker of the House of Commoners, Nasrudin gave his most weasley address in which admitted his incompetence and attempted to pass blame to his subordinates and the authorities.   Commoners members of every inclination were outraged at his arrogance.  They went to the King who ruled that, by the will of the members,  Nasrudin, who after all was no spring chicken,  should retire.
Nasrudin asked the King, “Are the members unanimous?”
“Yes indeed, they are,” replied the King.
“Well I refuse to go.   There are many of them, but just one of me.  If they don’t like the House they can resign and create another one.  I am but one old man.  How will I build a House just for myself?”


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