Nasrudin’s Dodgy Food

The Mullah Nasrudin had been invited to a Thanksgiving feast.  When he arrived,  impecably attired, Nasrudin was seated amongst the servants.  The host was an old enemy and wanted to humiliate Nasrudin publicly. Nasrudin spotted an empty chair next to the guest of honour and sat there instead.

The food arrived and Nasrudin was rather put off that guests were served plain white rice, while the host and his honoured guest had a large steaming platter of turkey pilaf laid before them.  (For the sake of the delightful narrative, please ignore the fact that the Mullah was unlikely to celebrate pilgrams landing at Plymouth with a bird native to America.  A feast with free food was something Nasrudin would always give thanks for. ) Not saying a word, Nasrudin reached for the delicious looking pilaf and piled his plate high with turkey and gravy from the host’s platter.

“Steady on, Mullah,” said the host in his ear, “that food may make you ill.” 

Smiling, Nasrudin turned to him and replied, “I thought so, my dear man.  I will sacrifice my stomach and save you from ill health.”


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